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WASPA calls for public comment on the WASPA Code of Good Conduct

WASPA's Code of Good Conduct governs the services and marketing of mobile services in South Africa and is binding on all WASPA members.

The WASPA Code is regularly updated and reviewed, and changes are made based on complaints received, comments from the public, comments from service providers, observation of best practices in other countries, and feedback from the mobile network operators.

For the next review of the WASPA Code, we are inviting the public to submit suggestions and comments on the Code. All suggestions received will be collected and reviewed by WASPA and may be used to shape future amendments to the Code of Conduct.

Some guidelines for submitting suggestions and comments:

  1. You are welcome to either provide general comments ("prices for services aren't clear enough"), or more specific suggestions ("in clause 5.2.1c, 'six months' is too long, that should be 'three months'").
    The more specific (and detailed) your suggestion is the more helpful it will be in shaping the future of the WASPA Code.
  2. You can read the current version of the WASPA Code here, if you'd like a better understanding of what it covers at the moment.
  3. Please keep your feedback polite and friendly. We are looking for positive suggestions that will improve consumers' experiences of mobile services.
    If you would like to complain about a current service, you should instead do that here:
  4. Send your suggestions to: comments @ waspa.org.za