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Portfolios / Committee

The following table describes the portfolios of the committee. Clicking on a name will take you to their respective resume.

Mancom member Portfolio(s) Email address
Casper de Villiers Chairman casper (at) waspa.org.za
Anthony Ekerold Vice Chairman, Legal anthony (at) waspa.org.za
Ian Flanagan Code WG ian (at) waspa.org.za
James McNab Communications WG james (at) waspa.org.za
Janene Matsukis Lobbying WG janene (at) waspa.org.za
Moeketsi Nonyana Membership WG moeketsi (at) waspa.org.za
Deon van Heerden Treasurer, Finance WG deon (at) waspa.org.za

Casper de Villiers

Casper de Villiers

Company: Clickatell

  • Codecom - 2008
  • Finance WG - 2010-2011
  • Treasurer - 2010-2011
  • Chair - 2013-2014

Casper de Villiers is currently the Senior Director of Supplier Connectivity at Clickatell. He completed his MBA at the University of Stellenbosch in 2010.

After completing his studies in Retail Business Management at the Cape University of Technology in 1994, Casper focused on skills development among youths and in the corporate sector. With charisma as natural impetus, the following five years provided Casper with a strong foundation for entrepreneurship and leadership.

In 2000 Casper became a co-founder of Clickatell, a global mobile messaging entity pioneering corporate short message services (SMS) within the online realm. Casper was initially responsible for all financial and operations duties, but soon moved to core operations management and was also responsible for the formation and coordination of a world class support centre.

Previously involved with WASPA's CodeCom working group, Casper became a Finance working group chair and management committee member in 2009. Casper was re-elected as Finance working group chair and was appointed as WASPA deputy-chair and treasurer in 2010. His official WASPA duties will focus on clarifying/defining financial processes and maintaining sound financial protocol. His personal goals are to improve on the finance-related communication to all WASPA members and to maintain a high standard of financial controls.

Anthony Ekerold

Anthony Ekerold

Company: Integrat (Pty) Ltd

  • appointed to Mancom - 2013
  • Vice Chairman - 2014

Anthony Ekerold currently manages the in-house legal department for Intgrat.

Ian Flanagan

Ian Flanagan

Company: Oxygen8

  • appointed to Mancom - 2014

Ian Flanagan has been in the industry for near a decade. During this time he has worked in Ireland, The UK, Australia, The US and South Africa. With further exposure to many secondary markets and regulatory environments.

Having been educated in Dublin, Ireland with a Certificate in eBusiness, Ian has worked for Oxygen8 International for 7 years, and previously ran interactive Media for TV3 in Ireland for 2 years (best equated to ETV SA).

James McNab

James McNab

Company: Basebone

  • Communications WG chair - 2013

James is currently Director - African Markets at Basebone, a Pan-African provider of integrated mobile solutions. Over the past 12 years, James has held various senior positions across the mobile technology sector, in areas such as aggregation, content, gambling & gaming, broadcast media, marketing and social media providing services globally across business and consumer markets. Additionally, throughout his career, James has been involved with regulatory bodies within territories across 5 continents.

Janene Matsukis

Janene Matsukis

Company: Smartcall Technology Solutions

  • Lobbying WG co-chair, PR WG co-chair - 2012
  • Lobbying WG chair - 2014

Janene has 15 years experience in the mobile industry (initially with Cointel and then Smartcall Technology Solutions) covering all aspects of the business ranging from aggregation, content delivery, billing, and all bearers of delivery without exception.

Janene has been involved with developing one of the original WASPs (Cointel) into a power house of a business. During this time her understanding of the industries requirements as well as the needs of the consumer allowed her to set trends as to where the industry should focus to ensure success in the mobile telecoms environment.

With billions of billing tickets processed under her management, Janene is a trend setter for requirements in the past, present and her recommendations, suggestions and influence would be invaluable asset in the future. Understanding all aspects of the requirements and has an unlimited wealth of knowledge at her disposal to ensure this ingredient is available.

Building, concluding and sustaining relationships locally and internationally Janene has ensured that all partners dealing with her have been able to place a large amount of trust in her and decisions she makes, knowing that their business is in safe hands.

Moeketsi Nonyana

Moeketsi Nonyana

Company: MStratGroup

  • apointed to Mancom - 2014

Moeketsi Nonyana is an entrepreneur who plays leading roles in a number of private companies as well as public sector bodies in South Africa and some other parts of the SADC region. He also sits in a number of boards of Small Black Businesses.

Mr. Nonyana is a highly experienced and hands-on ICT and Business Consultant. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer for MSTRAT Consulting, a South Africa based ICT Consulting firm which operates in both the private and public sector. He is also serving in the executive capacity in GY Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a special purpose investment and development company as well as Surenet Group (Pty) Ltd, a financial services company based in South Africa. He is a director in Marulle (Pty) Ltd, a Mozambique based logistics company.

Deon Van Heerden

Deon van Heerden

Company: Viamedia

  • Mancom 2011 - 2014

Deon is an accomplished Entrepreneur, IT & Telecoms Professional and Management Consultant with more than 17 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies in a number of countries. The first part of Deon's career was spent as an IT Manager and Management Consultant working for Sanlam, Accenture (both in South Africa and the United Kingdom) and a niche strategy consulting firm in London. During this time, Deon also briefly worked as an Equity Analyst for one of the largest Asset Managers in South Africa in their Technology, Media and Telecoms Team.

Deon's involvement in the Mobile VAS industry started in 2000 when he was involve in the start-up of Clickatell. He joined Clickatell on a permanent basis in 2005 and was responsible for establishing the Clickatell UK local presence. During his time with Clickatell in London, Deon was intimately involved with PhonePayPlus and PayForIt as a registered member. Deon later returned to South Africa to take up the Country Manager role and progressed to Executive Vice President - World-wide Sales & Operations before he resigned in 2010.

Deon is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Viamedia (Pty) Limited.