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WASPA membership application

Please complete the following form and click the submission button at the bottom to proceed to the second stage of application. Kindly complete all the fields. If you are unclear on a specific topic, then please type your question in the particular box. WASPA will then get back to you with feedback. Once completed your application will be sent through for approval.

Basic Information

Company or organisation full registered name:

Company registration number:

Please upload a copy of the company's certification of incorporation or similar business registration document:

Please provide a copy of the identity document of one company director or main member of the company:

Value Added Tax (VAT) registration number:

Name to be displayed on the WASPA website:

Membership type:

Please note: If you have a WASP agreement with one or more of the mobile network operators, you MUST apply for full membership. Affiliate membership is only available to companies who do not have WASP agreements with the networks.

Is your company registered with the Films and Publications Board?

Public Information

Web site address:

Customer support phone number(s):

Customer support fax number:

Customer support email:

Contact details

Please enter all phone numbers in international format

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Main WASPA representative:
(The person to be contacted regarding this application and subsequent enquiries.)

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Primary code of conduct contact:
(The person we will contact in the event of complaint escalations.)

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Secondary code of conduct contact:
(A second person who can be contacted in the event of complaint escalations.)

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Billing contact:
(The person we will contact with regard to payments and other billing related matters.)

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Additional information:

How many years has your company been operating in the WASP business?

Where did you hear about WASPA?

What are your primary reasons for wanting to join the association?

Overview of services offered

Please provide a summary of the services you will provide to the South African market. If you have multiple programs, please give an overview of the general offering.

Please describe how this program will be marketed. Include TV, radio, print, packaging, outdoor advertising, point of sale, and/or web. If radio, print or TV, please specify what stations, magazines or newspapers. No detail is required - just an overview.

How will subscribers be able to opt-out or stop receiving SMSes from you? Provide detail on the public's ability to opt out. For example: "They can reply 'stop' etc."

Please describe the call to action, or how the user opts in to the program. Here you need to describe the process that will be used to get the end-user particpating in your service. Describe the ways a user can opt in (via a website, via SMS, via WAP, etc.)

In which countries do you offer a similar service?

Investigations and sanctions by other regulatory body and/or state prosecuting authority

Please indicate if your company (or any subsidiary thereof) has been investigated and/or sanctioned by any regulatory body in any other jurisdiction within the last 24 months:

No, my company has not been the subject of any investigation or sanctions in the last 24 months.
Yes, there are pending investigations or complaints involving my company, but no sanctions have been imposed and no rulings made against my company in the last 24 months.
Yes, my company has been the subject of an investication and has been sanctioned in the last 24 months, details provided below:

I have read the WASPA Code of Conduct and I accept that as a member of WASPA, my organisation will be bound by this Code. I further accept that no comments or opinions may be expressed to the media regarding the activities of the association without the prior approval of the WASPA management committee.